I’m Ada, founder/editor of and I'd like to formally welcome you to my little corner of the internet. Grab a cortadito or a vanillia chai latte, bookmark this site, and make yourself at home because you have officially become familia. Hey #InternetFam!


I'm sure you're curious to know a little bit more about me so here goes...

I've been blogging for fun and creating content online since 2009 and I loved it so much that in 2016 I decided to take this passion project full-time. You may be familiar with my former blog and although I'll always be a gypsy soul at heart, it was time for me to move in a new direction that was more lifestyle focused since I always tend to talk about my life in general and share it ALL, hence All things Ada.

I am a proud Latina – Dominican to be exact, with an immense love and lust for life. I started blogging because I loved reading fashion and style blogs, but I could never truly relate to any of them. Where were all the other curvy, kinky curly haired, latinas like me? I knew they existed because I saw them daily out on the streets of my Washington Heights neighborhood but I didn’t see them represented in this online community that I loved so much, so I bought a domain and got to work. Seven years later I am honored to be doing what I love everyday for the women that inspire me and make me proud of who I am and where I come from. 

Just like any other young and ambitious Latina, I am on a quest to define success in my own terms and fulfill all of my dreams as a young entrepreneur. Join me as I work hard for my throne amongst the elite in the concrete jungle, while looking fabulous in my killer heels and red pout – not because I want to show off but because I was raised to take my self seriously and show my best face when I leave the house.

I hope you enjoy my journey and that my posts inspire you to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more – all while looking your best of course. I started this platform back in 2009 because I wanted to represent for the girls that look like me. I wanted to give us a voice and show people all of the things that make us beautiful from our skin, to our curls, to our curves, tenacity, brains and humility. I hope you stay a while and get to know me because I truly love connecting with others and sharing the things that light my soul on fire. I'm forever grateful to the internet for turning strangers into family and every single day I am privileged to be doing what I love as a creative entrepreneur. The perfect example of that is Rizos on the Road, the first natural hair tour for Afro-Latinas that I co-created. It's still so surreal to me that over 700 women came together to make this tour a huge success. You can check out more of the tour on our tour dedicated website


With that being said, thank you for being here. Thank you for being part of my journey and allowing me to part of yours. I'm honored. 

Un Abrazo,