How I Wear My Atheleisure


I have a big confession to make! I'M OBSESSED WITH ATHELEISURE. Chances are, if you run into me on the street I'm probably wearing some sort of look similar to this. Atheleisure is pretty much when it looks like you're headed to the gym in cute workout clothes but you have no intention of actually going. I started dressing like this my junior year of college before it got trendy and never looked back. Working from home, I seldom dress up unless I'm headed to an event or filming a video so you already this is my go to for real! LOL


I've been seeing this fashion nova set all over the internet this past year and when they sent it over to me in a recent order I was a little nervous to actually wear it out. I literally wear something similar to this when I do hot yoga or barre, but the actual thought of wearing this out in public scared me a bit. Especially in NYC during the summer months when catcalling is at an all time high (smh!). I still don't think I'd have the courage to wear this out on its own only because the material does loose its elasticity over time and you have to keep adjusting yourself, but when paired with a cute oversized jacket and fun sneakers, this is a cute and affordable look I can do! I'm wearing size 12 and an additional black sports underneath for extra support btw. 


I love pairing my active wear with smart fashion staples because it really elevates the look. This AMAZING camo jacket was a recent purchase that I cannot get enough of. I've seriously have been on the hunt for something like this for years and when I saw this and tried it on I knew I had to have it. Let's not even talk about the powerful quote on the back. I feel extremely inspired every time I put it on. This is an official closet staple that you will be seeing a lot of. 

Back to this atheleisure look. This comfy, yet chic outfit can be worn to run errands, to a casual brunch with the girls, to shop on the weekends, and most importantly to the airport. OMG, this is my dream airport look especially when you're flying somewhere warm. You can easily keep yourself cozy on the plane with the jacket and the moment you step out of the airport you can enjoy the warm weather in your two-piece. 


My tips for an effortless yet trendy atheleisure look are:

  • Start with your base outfit of a top and leggings first. I love Athleta and Gap for leggings. For sets and coordinates, check out Fashion Nova for sure for trendy and affordable items.
  • I like to stick with solid colors when it comes to my base so I can have fun with layers although sometimes I will do colorful prints and keep the layers solid.
  • Some of my favorite layers are denim jackets, camo/military jackets, long cardigans, bomber jackets, leather jackets, and hoodies. 
  • Cute sneakers are a must! Some of my favorites are from Nike and Adidas. Check the outlets for great bargains. That's where I got these Bronze Huaraches from.
  • If I have time I will typically do a 5-minute makeup look with an emphasis on glowy skin. If I'm feeling bold I might throw on a bright lipstick!
  • HAVE FUN! Just because it's comfy doesn't mean it has to boring. I promise once you start adding more type of comfy cute clothes to your wardrobe you are going to be obsessed like me.

Ohhh and just in case you were wondering what this fashion nova set looked like on a real body and not an instagram model one, here you go! LOL Ugh I swear everyday I learn to love my body just a little more than the day before and seeing this pictures just reminds me of how beautiful and special it is! It may not be perfect, but it's mine and I'm determined to treat it with absolute care. 


Have an amazing day Queens!


Photography by Denisse Benitez @chasingdenisse

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