Blog and Life Update


Wow. It's been 6 months since my last blog post. It actually feels super weird writing this post. Almost foreign. We all both know how crazy last year was with the Rizos on the Road Tour so I don't even have to explain why it's been so long since I've posted on the blog. 


January is quickly coming to an end and I'm wasting NO TIME checking things off my goal list. I did not come to play any type of games in 2018. I know what I want and I'm going to get it so why waste time. 

I'm not finished with my vision board for the year yet, just in case you are wondering but I do try to keep a list of monthly goals that align with my vision. It's easier to get things done that way. A few of the things I have on my list for January are:


Health + Home

Start working out - I joined a 28-day challenge to get my fitness journey started. I knew the only way I would work out was if I spent money and joined a program. I'm two weeks into S.L.A.Y for Life and surviving. I feel great, and I'm sleeping so much better. More on that soon! 

Create a routine - Last year I used to go to bed at 4am working. It was so hard for me to put my work down and walk away. The sun was coming up as I was climbing into bed and I wouldn't wake up until 11am or noon. I would spend the rest of the day playing catch up as I now had to tend to emails from everybody who wakes up at normal times and gets work done from 9-5. It was exhausting and I was crashing. I am now waking up at 5:30am each day to make it to my workout class at 7:30am in Soho. It's not easy but it has helped me create a much needed routine. 

Paint my apartment - Furnishing a home can be a long and exhausting project. It's so easy to watch HGTV and feel like your place will look and feel like a home in a matter of minutes, but that's far from the truth. So far I've painted my living and kitchen. My bedroom, entryway, and bathroom will be next. Expect an apartment tour and lots of before and after picture soon. I've been working with an interior decorator since I moved and the apartment is coming together quite nicely!



Create more content - While the tour last year was amazing, it really made it difficult for me to create and push out content on the regular which explains why you haven't seen a post in forever. Also, running a business is HARD. All the administrative and business stuff was driving me nuts. I recently got a manager and I'm so thankful! I've known her for years and she is such a badass at her job. She's seen me grow as an influencer and truly has my best interest at heart which is something that I was looking for in a manager. I literally have been praying for help and guidance in my business in the form of the right person and I'm just so happy to be starting off the year this way. You are probably wondering what this has to do with you, but the truth is that is has everything to do with you all. Having a manager handle all my business allows me to do what I do best which is create content and now I definitely have the time to do so. It's been a year since I've rebranded and honestly it was the best thing I could have ever done for myself and business. I feel more confident than ever about my brand and I'm SO READY to get back in the creative zone cranking out content while my manager does what she does best. My goal is to have 2 blog post up a week and 3 Youtube videos. I'll be sharing the videos on here as well so that should be 5 post a week on the blog. Sunday's, Wednesday's, and Fridays will be dedicated to videos (subscribe to my channel here) and Tuesday's and Thursdays will be dedicated to fashion, beauty or lifestyle on the blog - YASSSS! 

Shoot More - Remember when I used to share curvy OOTD's on the regular? Well, I want to shoot more photos this year and will be doing so monthly so I can have some amazing content for you. How gorgeous are these pictures Geri took of me last month? I was totally supposed to share these in December, but life happens. Geri made me feel so comfortable in front of the lense especially since it had been a while and I wasn't feeling my very best. I'll be sharing more photos from our shoot tomorrow. Next week I have some more pics coming your way from a photo session with Denisse. So proud of myself for getting back into this habit. Thank you Geri for starting the fire!

Virtual Workshop - Last year I had a Vision Board workshop event in NYC and so many of you asked if I could share the workbook I created online. I decided to take it a step further and create a Virtual workshop so that those of you who are not based in NYC could experience the magic of the workshop through your digital screens. Our workshop is coming this Saturday, January 27th at 4pm and I'm so excited! To see if this workshop is for you click here and for more details on tickets click here.

Finish my Website - My amazing web designer Shaina is waiting for me to send her some materials so she can finish up my site. Hoping to send this over to her by the 31st so you guys can see the new look soon!


Friends + Family

Call more. Text more. Be Present. - This is something that I failed at miserably in the last year. My friends and family called me out on it plenty of times and I was so so embarrassed but it was nothing short of the truth. I was always busy and even when I wasn't I just wanted to keep to myself because I was so tired. My call log was forever in the red with missed calls and my text message count was never less than 50. This year I vow to miss less calls, actually text back, and spend quality time with the people that truly matter. This month I haven't been going hard with this goal but now that my routine/schedule is more manageable I can actually commit to it. It's definitely something I want to be conscious of every month this year. 


What did you think of this mini life update and goal sharing on the blog? I think I might share some of my goals every month. I feel like its a good way to keep me accountable and to celebrate my mini wins. That's truly how you accomplish the bigger goals anyway. You break down the big ones into smaller ones and work at them until you can cross the big ones off your list.

#AdaOOTD Details - Dress: Eloquii | Heels: FullBeauty | Faux Fur: JcPenney (alternate) |

Almost forgot to share details of this look! This BOMB dress is from Eloquii. LOVED it from the moment I saw it on the site. I think Emerald might be my new favorite color. I've been obsessed with it for a while now so this dress was a must have. I wore it for New Years and got so many compliments. The nude shoes and faux fur added a classy yet glam touch and the top bun really kept the focus on the gorgeous neckline.

Thanks for reading Vecinas! Btw, a few of you have reached out asking about Primas vs Vecinas. Well, I've always felt like you guys were family which is why I call you all Internet Fam, and then that turned into Primas because you know we have like a million of them. Errrrbody is a prima or primo - haha. Vecina came from one of you! You told me I'm like a Vecina in your pocket and I was like OMG that's perfect! Vecinas means (female) neighbor in Spanish. In NYC neighbors are life long and after a while they just become family and that’s honestly how I feel about the community I’ve built online. I’m still shocked at the fact that you all sent me housewarming gifts when I moved into my new apartment. You guys are the best.  Shoutout to all my Vecinas! (And Vecinos too lol) 

So basically if you're a prima your new around here and maybe are just getting to know me because you've been following me for a short time. If you're an OG, and you know me from my Gypsy in the City days then you my friend are a VECINA!

Love you guys. Thanks for reading!

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