I Launched My Own Haircare Brand - Say Hello to Botánika Beauty

Whoa. I’m writing this and it still feels surreal. I just cannot believe it. My greatest dream manifested. It’s here! Botánika Beauty is real and it’s really here.

So much has been happening since we launched on April 5th that I haven’t really had a chance to take it all in. My birthday was also on the 5th so between all the birthday love and the congratulations I was a hot mess. I couldn’t stop crying tears of happiness as all the love poured in. We got a huge feature on Refinery 29 that day as well and just to know that it was written by a fellow Dominicana meant the world. There’s so many people doing amazing work in our community and a lot of times we get overlooked. People like Thatiana are so important because as a writer she’s able to amplify our stories and voices so the rest of the world can see the magic our community has been a witness to of all along.

Read Refinery 29 article  HERE

Read Refinery 29 article HERE

On Saturday April 6th, I had a party with family, friends and fellow bloggers and press. Initially I wanted to celebrate the launch with my Vecinas first but we had to change the event date which caused us to to do the friends and family party first and then the On the Grind event after. We had the party in 809 and it was sponsored by Ciroc and DeLeon tequila. It was sooooo much fun and again such a surreal feeling.

On Sunday, April 7th Cafe Bustelo sponsored an intimate event, On the Grind where we discussed the reality of being a beauty entrepreneur. We had almost 400 of you come out and join myself, Aisha, Carolina and Julissa for an intimate chat and ugh it was so beautiful. I was soooo nervous to come out on stage for some reason but after we started the panel my nerves finally settled down and On the Grind was a HUGE success. Thank you to each and everyone of you who came out to support.

During On the Grind, we shared a super special video about how Botánika Beauty was created and all the work that went into building this brand. I hope you enjoy it the documentary and that it inspires you to DREAM BIG and then work your butt off to make your dreams come true.


Checkout our Facebook page for more pictures and stay tuned for more on Botanika Beauty. You can purchase directly from our website as we are officially live and taking orders. Thank you for all the love and support and for making my dreams a reality. Excited to take you all on this amazing journey as I navigate life as a beauty entrepreneur. Thank you Vecinas.

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