Good Vibes & Chill: A Wellness Event Series

I wrote this post two months ago around 3am and when I was close to finishing it, it just magically deleted. I was PISSED, but I took it as a sign that maybe I needed to marinate on this a little bit longer and that the news wasn't ready to be shared yet. Thank God that happened because I'm still trying to figure out dates, but trust and believe it's going to get done. (2).png

Good Vibes & Chill

Good Vibes & Chill kinda sort of just fell together. I didn't overly think it, I just followed my gut and listened to your needs and thats how the Vision Board workshop basically happened. I had no idea how much that single event would impact your lives while simultaneously impacting mine. Through the workshop, I felt like God was validating and confirming my purpose. I know I’m meant to gather and build up our community both online and offline and as overwhelming as that type of responsibility can be I know that I must continue to serve others. Which is why I can't just keep on doing vision board workshops when the "new year, new me" season rolls around. 

So... what's next?

Well, I knew that Good Vibes & Chill needed to be an ongoing project so I started asking the universe for guidance and it came to me quick. Good Vibes & Chill will be expanding into a wellness series covering the eight dimensions of wellness: 









My goal is to put together a series of wellness events throughout the year that will focus on each of these wellness dimensions. I'm really good at using my skills to bring our community together, but I am also aware of the fact that I do not have all the wellness answers, which is why I will be collaborating with women and men of color I know in the each of these dimensions in order to bring you the absolute best experience. 

LRG_DSC02691 2.JPG

I already have an outline for the first four events I'm creating, but to be honest with you I don't have everything down to the T how I normally do when it comes to my events which is scary AF. At first I was all excited, especially when I was creating the announcement blog post. After the post was deleted I was upset, but reasoned that it was ok because I needed more time to figure out dates and such and here we are.

It's been a month already and I've been putting it off, but today I got a pretty obvious sign from the universe that I need to GET IT TOGETHER, make the announcement and execute. Yes, I feel an overwhelming sense of responsibility about this mission that has been placed in my hands, and yes it makes me nervous because I'm so hard on myself when it comes to my work, but I know that the purpose of Good Vibes & Chill is NOT so it can be one of those pretty events on the gram. It's suppose to be healing and intimate. It's suppose to be raw. It's suppose to be REAL. The magic of these events will be the healing that takes place in real time, not what you choose to highlight on the gram for a pretty facetuned pic.

Wellness Event Series

So here I am. Humbling putting together this blog post with my head down and doing the work not worried about it being absolutely perfect, but just getting it done. Below are the workshops I have planned. Stay tuned for the rest of the dates and ticket sale announcements. Universe you see me?

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