How I Celebrate National Coffee Day

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Exactly a year ago I got invited to a fun festival on behalf of Cafe Bustelo. Attending that event manifested into a partnership opportunity that I am extremely grateful for and still can’t even believe at times. Out of all the brands I’ve worked with this past year they have been my absolute favorite because Cafe Bustelo is and will always be nostalgic for me. For Latinos everywhere, coffee is a very prominent part of our upbringing and culture. “The Bean Belt” stretches between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn, from the Eastern border to Mexico to the shores of New Guinea … and all places in between, so how can coffee NOT be an important part of our lives and what better way to celebrate that than with a cup of cafecito from Cafe Bustelo on National Coffee Day?


This sweet package came right on time as my current Cafe Bustelo stash is running low. I work from home so cafesito time is absolutely necessary to power me through my day as as a content creator and digital entrepreneur. To celebrate National Coffee Day I decided to stay curled up in bed with my bata on and a fresh cup of Cafe Bustelo as I answered emails and edited a video. When you work from home the little things matter and this felt like a grand and luxurious way to celebrate an exciting day since I’m usually stuck behind my desk. I mean does it really get any better than this?


I’m not sure if your National Coffee Day plans are as fancy as mine but if you are looking for new ways to spice up your coffee routine you must check out Café Bustelo’s variety of bold Latin coffees, from its classic espresso-style coffee to Cool® Café Con Leche. Visit to learn more and please let me know what your favorite Bustelo variety is in the comments below. I’m really into the classic espresso-style out of habit, but I have the say that I have been loving the Cool Cafe Con Leche over ice. I drink it in a cute mason jar with a glass straw and add a dash of cinnammon because I’m boughie like that and OMAIGAH it’s sooooo delicious. You have to try it!


I’m so excited to continue this partnership with Cafe Bustelo and to show you all just how much I love this cafecito and why it will always have a special place in my heart. Happy National Coffee Day Vecinas!

Un Abrazo,


Photos by Geraldine - @geri_1221

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