How To: Super Easy Smokey Eye

“More tutorials like this please! Love it! These other #smokeyeyetutorials require 17 shadows, 24 brushes, a PhD in molecular engineering, and the blood of a young merman 🧜‍♂️ 🙄 Less complicated tutorials are a welcome change 👍🏽” - Leddy

I swear you guys always leave me the best comments on my YouTube videos! Thanks for all the love on this makeup look. I pride myself in keeping my tutorials as easy as possible because the reality is a lot of you just don’t have the time most YouTubers devote to a makeup application. Plus, a lot of those looks are just unrealistic for the average girl on a day to day. I’m here for the weekend glam, but honestly who’s wearing a glitter cut crease on a Monday morning to the office?!! Most of you are on the go and you’re just trying to look cute the fastest and easiest way possible. Ain’t nobody got time for anything more than that! I know I sure didn’t when I worked as an executive assistant. 

I hope you enjoy the super easy smokey eye tutorial below. Let me know what other makeup videos you would like to see in the future. 

Un Abrazo, 

Ada RojasComment