My Year In Review: Highs and Low of 2018

The older I get the faster time seems to fly. Everyone says this but I seriously can’t believe 2018 is about to be over. This year was full of highs and lows but overall I’m thankful for all of the growth I’ve experienced. Here is my personal 2018 year in review.


This year I got to travel a ton which made me super happy. I’m a Sagittarius Rising so travel does something unexplainable to my soul and makes me feel alive! It feeds my constant need for freedom and independence like no other which is why I’m always off on some random trip or exciting adventure.

2018 started off with a BANG! I got to celebrate my high school best friend, Susie’s elopment in my absolute favorite city, New Orleans. Spending New Year’s celebrating love and life with dear friends who mean the world to me with my favorite city as the backdrop was something I’ll never forget. This trip really solidified the fact that I will probably never spend another new years in New York again. Bringing in the new year in a different city or country is so much more thrilling.


In March I got to travel to Los Angeles for We All Grow and check out the Facebook and Instagram HQ while I was there. April brought me to Puerto Rico to celebrate my 28th trip around the sun. That was probably my favorite solo vacation I’ve ever taken. In April I went back to New Orleans to host my vision board workshop. What can I say.. I just can’t get enough of NOLA.


In May I went to Chicago for a work trip and June took me back to the motherland for an Influencer trip with Curls. July was amazing! I got to go to Spain with a new group of friends and sail around some beautiful islands on a yacht. What an incredible vacation and an experience I will never forget. To close out the year I went to Vegas, Tampa, and Chicago twice. These were all work trips with a little bit of fun thrown in the mix. All in all I’m so grateful for the places I got to see in 2018.


This year I worked a lot but the whole vibe was different! I guess that’s what happens when you choose alignment over hustle. I was soooo tired of the constant feeling of lack that propels you into hustling like your life depends on it. I wanted to work with more brands that aligned with my vision and mission. I wanted to create content on purpose, not out of of necessity or impulse to keep up with the influencer game. I just wanted to be more aligned with who I was so in turn that could reflect in my work, partnerships and collaborations. I have to say that I definitely did that in 2018 and it was glorious. The moment you align yourself everything else falls into place because you start attracting the right opportunities that are in perfect alignment to your essence.


I started of the year with a new management team, Chic Influence. They were a huge part of the reason All Things Ada was so organized and successful in 2018 because I now had more time on my hands to create content versus dealing with the business side of things 24/7. A lot of influencers don’t share how draining it can be to constantly have to keep up with emails, back and forth negotiations, executing content, and following up on your invoices. For me it was getting to a point where I couldn’t keep up with the business side of things while juggling content so having a management team was honestly god sent.


I had the pleasure to do some amazing work this year. Shoutout to all the brands that I worked with in 2018, but most importantly shoutout to you all for supporting the brands that make All Things Ada possible as well as my wellness event series Good Vibes & Chill. Here’s a look at some of my favorite content I created this year.

Good Vibes & Chill Workshops (All of them)


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MAC Cosmetics Campaign


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Bra Fitting


At the beginning of the year I joined a 28-day workout challenge and lost 12 pounds. Not only did I want to eat healthier and workout, I also wanted to dedicate myself to waking up earlier and I was able to do that through this workout challenge. It taught me so much about myself and showed me that as long as I try my best no matter what I do I will succeed because the effort is worth more than the results.

I kept up with my health goals by working out 2-3x a week at Sweet Water Dance & Yoga and meet some amazing people through the dance studio. I had a great rhythm going but I fell off after my Spain vacation. Money got tight and I couldn’t make it to class all the time so I used that as an excuse not to workout. Of course I could have done Youtube videos at home or worked out outside but I let the discomfort of not being able to attend a workout class stop me from working out which is no bueno.


In August I started doing Keto and I really loved it. I was going HARD the first 2 months and then I started getting lazy. I still try and eat low carb, low sugar but I’m not as strict as I was when I first started. As you can see I have a habit of starting strong and getting lazy over time. The follow through is a struggle for me for sure and something I really want to focus on in the new year. I haven’t lost a significant amount of weight on Keto but I can also say that I haven’t gained unwanted weight thanks to watching what I eat. I think doing a lazy version of keto and not exercising helped me maintain my weight but next year I want to hit my goal weight so I plant to go hard with Keto and actually workout. I know the combination of the two will really help me achieve my personal health and fitness goals.

In regards to my health I’m also happy to share that I finally have health insurance. As an entrepreneur that was something I struggled with because the last three years have been all about survival for me so the fact that I have health insurance is a big deal. It’s not cheap at all but I’m not even going stress about my payments because I’m proclaiming 2019 as my most abundant and healthiest year yet!!!!!


I hate discussing finances and anything that has to do with money because I really suck at it. But I realized that avoiding it won’t lead me anywhere so I might as well address the problem head on. Being an entrepreneur takes a toll on your finances especially when you first begin your journey. Imagine having a stable and reliable check coming into your account every two weeks and then having to wait 30, 60, and sometimes 90 days to get paid for work you already performed. GIRL! The struggle has been so real and trust me I’ve been through it.

I’m so thankful for those lessons though because they have forced me to wake up and pay attention and manage my money better since I don’t have steady paycheck. This is something that I’m currently still working on, especially after a 3 month period of not having any sponsored campaigns towards the end of the summer. So trust me when I say THANK YOU, I mean it because if it wasn’t for your support of my workshops things would have been a lot worse for me. I’m so thankful to the universe for having my back and for always showing up right on time when I need it the most whether it be through special people in my life or you all.

I really want to be able buy some property in the next 5 years so I’m going to tackle my finances AGGRESSIVELY in 2019. I’m playing zero games. I’m writing down my financial goals, putting them on my vision board and sticking to them. Trust and believe the struggle will no longer be part of my vocabulary because that is just something that I will no longer relate to. If you’ve also struggled with finances this year whether its managing them or generating income period just know you are not alone in this. I hesitated even sharing this but what’s the point of sharing my highs if I’m not willing to share the lows?


I’ve been single for 3 years now and dating was something that I completely avoided for many reasons. Back in March I had a reading with Nikki Novo that would completely change my outlook on dating and force me out of my little bubble. You can read more about that HERE.

While I haven’t been on a million dates, I’ve been on a few and dammit I’m so proud of myself because it’s something that definitely did not come natural to me. I was overthinking the whole damn thing A LOT, especially at the beginning. I used to get really anxious and nervous about the thought of dating and when I actually started doing it I felt so overwhelmed by it all. It just felt like so much work but the only reason I felt that way is because of fear. I was so scared of the unknown!


After a few dates, some great advice from people in relationships around me, reading Nikki’s book and doing lots of inner work I can finally say that dating is not horrible. I’m so ready to go hard in the paint in 2019 and just HAVE FUN with it. So while things felt scary AF in the beginning stages, I’m proud of myself for being able to address what was rising up to the surface and doing the work to heal what needed healing. This is an ongoing process of course, but trust me I’m a much better Ada because of it and I’m actually looking forward to dating next year. Can’t even believe I’m saying that mess!! LOL

Thanks for the Memories 2018

That pretty much sums up my year in review. As always thank you for being part of my journey and allowing me to be part of yours. I’m looking forward to seeing what the New Years brings for us all. Stay tuned for my last and final post of the year as I share my “word” for the new year and what I hope to focus on.

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