My Website Got a Facelift

Hey Vecinas,

I'm so excited to share my new website with you all! I've had the honor of working with Shaina of Your Ampersand Studio since last summer when I found her on Instagram and after our discovery call, I immediately knew I wanted her to work on my logo and new website. I've been blogging for eight long years and I wanted my new logo and website to reflect that. This was an investment I was happy to make because I don't have the time to do it all on my own anymore. I need help and I'm ok with seeking it and asking for it, especially when it comes to my business.

As much as I like to think of myself as a superwoman, I really can't do it all and that is totally ok. After years of figuring out website codes, tweaking templates, and designing my blog on my own, I knew it was time to look for a special someone to help me out in this phase of my digital career and Shaina was perfect! 


My favorite part of working with her was getting super creative and sharing all the little things that inspire me which she then turned into the most gorgeous moodboard ever. I love it so much I'm going to frame it and put in above my desk. I feel like she nailed it when it comes to me and my brand. 


This #InternationalWomensDay is special to me because last year on this date I finally got my business together and created an LLC. Today, I finally got the website I've always envisioned. Did you notice I have an events and business directory? YES! It was always so hard for me to share events besides my own because I have a million things on my plate, but now you can just check the calendar and see recommended events put together by other amazing women I know. If you are a Vecina, feel free to submit events to be shared. I also have a business directory where I share and recommend women owned businesses you can check out and support. This is truly the website of my dreams and I promise it will only get better over time!

It's been a loooooooooong eight years of hard work and sacrifice, but we are here! A lot of people think I'm an overnight success, but I promise you all of this was YEARS in the making. Started on Blogger now we here! No, seriously I had my blog on first, then I moved to and this site is currently on Squarespace which I love. If you are looking to launch a site, I highly recommend Squarespace. SO EASY. Trust me!


For exclusive content and chisme don't forget to join the Vecina facebook group! I'll be sharing chisme on beauty, travel, and curvy fashion, as well as my new love for fitness including workouts and healthy recipes. You know I love to inspire so expect a lot of that feel good, positive, girl gang, sisterhood, familia, tribe stuff too only available to our group. Join Now!

So happy with the way everything is coming together. Cheers to never giving up on your dreams and always chasing your curiosity!

Un Abrazo,




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