3 Reasons Why I love Miami


The city of Miami will always have a special place in my heart for many reasons beyond the delicious croquettas and ropa vieja. I lived in Miami while I was attending college for a year and a half and i immediately feel in love with its sexy vibes and sweet charm. The city has a certain warmth about it and I’m not talking about the sunny skies. The people there are truly special. I loved the fact that Spanish is sort of like the first language and that everyone treats you like family. Miami is a gem and it truly was the perfect stepping stone I needed to make my way back to NYC after living in its neighboring city Tampa, Florida throughout most of my young life.  


I recently spent a week in Miami and although I was there for work thanks to Hispanicize and our Rizos on the Road event, I made time to play even if it was short.  My favorite part about being in Miami was getting to ride through the city in style in my favorite Kia model, the 2017 Kia Cadenza. This car was SOOOO perfect for Miami. It has class, it has style and it screams luxury but the sexy kind - sorta like Pitbull when he's in a three piece suit.  

2017 Kia Candeza

The Kia Cadenza is a luxury full size sedan with amazing safety and technology features, something that is super important for a distracted driver like me. You see, driving is really meditative for me. When I'm behind the wheel, I tend to zone out and get in a pensive mode so the Head Up Display is a life saver. It shows you driver information like the speed or navigation direction directly on the windshield right in front of you, no need to look over at the center console. Genius! I also love the blind spot detector that starts to beep if a car comes into your blind spot, especially when you are trying to switch lanes. The only car accident I've ever been in was because I didn't check my bling spot so this feature is really comforting for me. 

Custom nail art by @amivnails. We are working on some Rizos on the Road inspired nail art  through out the tour. Zoom in to check out all of the details on our Miami nails! 

Custom nail art by @amivnails. We are working on some Rizos on the Road inspired nail art  through out the tour. Zoom in to check out all of the details on our Miami nails! 

Besides the amazing safety features, the car is easy on the eye. The panoramic sunroof gave us the best views of Miami as we took @thugnanny_ on a tour of the city since it was her first time. All of our bloggers friends that got in the Cadenza that week commented on how roomy the car was in the inside and how luxurious it felt. We had way too much fun riding through the city in the style! I loved revisiting some of my favorite spots in the city and getting a taste of whats new. 

Miami Lovin'

Whether you are visiting for work or play, Miami has so much to offer besides the tourist trap that is known as South Beach. Here are 3 reasons why I love Miami featuring some really cool places you should check out while you’re in town. Enjoy!

1. Culture

Miami has always been know for its rich heritage and cultural influences. It's often called the "Capital of Latin America" due to the high population of Spanish speakers. The city has heavy cultural influences from Cuba of course, as well as other parts of Latin America and the Caribbean, yet over time you will find that Miami has a rich culture all its own. 

Places to visit: Little Havana, LIttle Haiti Cultural ComplexWynwood Arts District, Design District, Lincoln Road Mall and Coconut Grove

2. Food

I lost 10 pounds and probably gained it all back on this trip. Thats pretty much all I'm going to say about the food in Miami. 

Some of my fave spots: Prime 112, Coyo Taco, Versailles, Pincho Factory, Wynwood Diner, Chef Creole, Barton G, Yardbird, Publix Supermarket Deli Subs

Dinner with some of my favorite gals at Versailles

Dinner with some of my favorite gals at Versailles

3. La Playa

If you know me you know the beach is my happy place. Miami beaches literally (so Miami of me to say literally haha) make my heart skip a beat. The blues, the greens, YAS! I can't get enough of the beach when I'm visiting and will wake up super early to make sure I'm the first one there. I don't play when it comes to my beach time. I'm super serious about my J.Lo glow and bronzy skin! Typically I try to avoid South Beach all together and head straight to Miami Beach, North Beach, or Sunny Isles. A lot of hotels in Miami offer day passes for non-guests to purchase that will grant you access to the hotels pool, spa, and private beach area. I love doing this especially if I am on a budget because it gives me a taste of the lux life without having to blow through my funds especially if I'm on vacation. 

Must See: Miami Beach, North Miami Beach, Sunny Isles Beach, Ft. Lauderdale Beach, The Standard Spa, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

I hope you keep this blog post handy for your next Miami vacation or work trip, as in my case. Miami has so much more to offer than South Beach and the typical night life just as long as you take a moment to explore and really see what this magic city is all about. 


P.S. Check out these cultural tips and do's and don'ts written by National Geographic about Miami. It's quite funny how spot on it is. You're welcome! LOL

This post was done in partnership with Kia Motors for Rizos on the Road.