Sponsor A Scholar #VecinasGiveBack


Remember a few post back I shared how all I wanted to do was find a way to give back to my community and bring you all along for the ride so that we can all give back together?

Well, the time has come! #VecinasGiveBack is in full swing with our first project of the year and I am THRILLED! 

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Lean to Love and AllThingsAda.com have come together to create a fundraising partnership to benefit the students of the College Bound Initiative program. Sponsor a Scholar is a fundraising campaign created by a community who wishes to support disadvantaged high school Seniors by helping them cover their senior dues and other graduation expenses. 

Our Bronx scholars are currently facing obstacles that prevent them and their families from being able to afford the costs associated with their high school graduation. Senior activities such as Graduation and Prom are planned for students to fulfill long-lasting memories. Unfortunately, not every student is able to afford these expenses.

With this in mind we will begin to raise the funds necessary to cover senior dues. These senior dues are $350 per student, the dues include: senior pictures, Class of 2018 sweatshirt, Awards night, diploma case, cap and gown, senior breakfast, Graduation ceremony, and one Prom ticket. Covering senior dues is priority, given that if the funds are not made available these seniors will most likely not be able to graduate as required.

Highschool Days

Highschool Days

This project is so personal to me because I was one of these students. I began working part-time at 14-years old out of necessity because my mom was already working two jobs to maintain our single-family home of six. During my senior year of high school I worked at telemarketing job after school to pay for things like my senior dues. My paychecks covered things like senior pictures, awards night (I graduated with honors), cap and gown, senior trip, prom ticket and my dress, hair, and makeup for prom. I actually ended up doing all of my friends makeup for prom, but I really wanted to get my makeup done at the most glamorous place ever back then, MAC Cosmetics. I worked really hard to save up for my makeup appointment where I purchased my very first lipstick, Russian Red. I was also getting ready to go off to college soon so I was saving for all those expenses as well.

College Graduate

College Graduate

Senior year was rough, and this is why I want to make a difference and help these scholars anyway that I can. I understand that some people will not be able to make financial donations but can donate a service or item, or can request that their company make "in kind" donations to the school. For in kind donations, donating a service or item (i.e. dress/tuxedo, nails, hair, transportation, etc.) please email Mariela Regalado at MRegalado@the-cbi.org.


Our first Scholar is Gil: in 2017, 37,000 thousand students applied to Columbia, imagine every seat in Citi Field filled as a college applications and only 2,000 were accepted, among the acceptances to the class of 2022 is Gil.  

“I want the glory” Gil said, after reviewing his college list. “ I want to apply to Ivy Leagues.”

With a smile on his face he gives his best paraphrased version of "Go Big or Go Home". Gil is a first generation Dominican immigrant growing up in the Bronx. He came to this country accompanied by his family, and as he puts it, the only English he knew was counting to 10. Today his numbers and stats speak for themselves. He holds a near perfect GPA of 99.4%, is a Cross Country athlete, International Baccalaureate scholar, Build On Volunteer with 250+ community service hours, an older brother, eldest son, and teenager. Gil applied Early Decision to Columbia University, and was ACCEPTED. He lives his life as an example, not the exception. Gil plans on changing the world by becoming a Defense Attorney, he also vows to minor in Latino /African Studies to educate himself with a broader history he has not been exposed to.

Are you ready to make a difference?? Please click the link below to support our #SponsorAScholar initiative! 

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