Using the Moon to Elevate Your Cosmic Goddess

Using the Moon to Elevate Your Cosmic Goddess

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All of our lives we’ve been told to diet, exercise, and moisturize because our bodies are the most important part of us. While we are physical bodies, we are SO much more than just flesh and bones. We are SO much more than unnecessary pain, anger, and separation. Every single one of us is a soul in a body with a divine purpose. And true wellness encompasses a world beyond just nourishing what’s on the surface.

This workshop will uncover the basis of who we really are as cosmic goddesses of this earth. You will learn how to use the moon cycles to release what no longer serves you and connect with the divinity of the Universe in order to manifest the best possible version of yourself.

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  Yosara Trujillo, Owner - Sweet Water Dance & Yoga

Yosara Trujillo, Owner - Sweet Water Dance & Yoga


Sweet Water Dance & Yoga

876 Gerard Avenue, 2nd Floor,

Bronx, NY 10452

Phone. 718-992-2484

SWDY boasts an inspired 4000 square foot facility with high ceilings, a bright, inviting decor, and three dedicated rooms:  A Dance Room, a Hot Yoga Room and a Yoga and Meditation Room. Located one block from both east and west side express trains , SWDY is convenient, and street parking is easily accessible and free (after 7:00P and on Sundays). 

Take the 4 express or D express train to 161st st - Yankee Stadium and walk one block east to Sweet Water Dance and Yoga on Gerard Street. 



  • Smudging & Introductions

  • The Anatomy of The Cosmic Goddess

    • Who Are We Inside and Out 

    • What it Means to Be “Connected”

  • Spirituality & Religion

    • What’s the Difference?

    • Can I practice both?

  • Ada’s Story of Enlightenment

  • Mel’s Story of Enlightenment

  • The Moon, The Universe & Miracles

  • Moon Rituals

    • Tools; Must-Haves & Optionals

    • Intro to Full Moon Release

    • Intro to New Moon Release

  • Group Meditation

  • Group Release Ritual

  • Group Manifestation Ritual

  • Closing Affirmations


Snacks & Light Refreshments

Writing Materials

Melanie Santos’ Full and New Moon Guidebooks

Good Vibes Only Gift Bag

Must Bring:

A clean *brand new* notebook to be used as your New Moon Journal

*It is crucial that the notebook is brand new, never been written in, pages intact. This will ensure that the ritual is pure and effective. When choosing a New Moon Journal, pick one that feels good to your soul. The journal ultimately chooses you.