Vision Board E-BOOK

Vision Board E-BOOK


I noticed that when people put together Vision Boards they buy magazines and start cutting and pasting things without a real sense of direction. A lot of people are not really familiar with the best practices for putting together a vision board and often leave their board uncompleted because they don't know what to do exactly.

I’ve been doing vision boards for eight years and I wanted to create a workbook with purpose and intention to help you organize your thoughts and get clear on the things you feel strongly about manifesting in your life. If you print out this workbook and do your part you will successfully execute your vision board in 2018.

Please note that download link is available for 24 hours only so be sure to open up your email as soon as it arrives and download your workbook.

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This workbook includes a goal setting exercise, vision board outline and guidelines map. It will break down what affirmations are, what manifestation is all about, and why these are so important for your life. Ada will also share additional resources that you can count on monthly to keep your vision on track.

This workbook is great to print out and fill in as you get ready to put together your vision board.

If you are interested in prayer, meditation, and intuition guidance please upgrade to the Virtual Good Vibes and Chill Workshop which features a 2-hour goal setting experience video that will guide you through creating your vision board with intention and purpose. The video features Ada along with special guest @ReadingsbyVida who is a physic medium, past life regressionist, rootworker and pranic healer. Vida touches on prayer, meditation, and intuition guidance as well as a group reading for all those watching the virtual workshop. This workshop can be watched at your own pace and includes the workbook as well.

If you are interested in a private reading with Vida please check out the VIP workshop option that offers a one-hour private reading along with the workshop and workbook.