Manifest your best year, ever!

The proven process to create your 2018 vision board with purpose and intention

Every year, so many people crush their goals with a simple, yet life-changing strategy called manifestation. You have seen people around you achieve their goals in a way that looks effortless. You have heard about the power of vision boards and goal-setting, but you feel like you just aren’t doing it right. Have you ever wondered where all the good luck is hiding and why you can’t seem to get it together?


It sucks to feel like procrastination is taking over your life and adulting is so hard. It sucks watching people who launched their businesses 2 seconds ago already seeing success, while you wait for it to be your turn. It sucks to constantly wonder about your purpose and passion and be overwhelmed with self-doubt. A fresh start in the new year with your vision board is the solution right?                                                                                                               

The truth is…not all vision boards are created equal and wanting it is just the beginning of the manifestation process.

Can you imagine a 2018 where you...

  • feel successful?
  • feel confident in your dreams?
  • manifest your best life?
  • radiate self love?
  • walk in your greatness?

Would you like to learn how?

Introducing The Good Vibes & Chill Virtual Vision Board Workshop to help you manifest your best year, ever, and learn how to set goals and build a vision board properly. 

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Here’s what’s included in the workshop:

  • 60-minute goal-setting experience video to guide you through creating your vision board with intention and purpose. 
  • Vision Board Workbook to help you map out your vision for 2018. It includes a goal setting exercise, vision board outline and guidelines map. It will break down what affirmations and manifestation is all about, and why these are so important for your life. There is a bonus section during the experience video by @ReadingsbyVida that will touch on prayer, meditation, and intuition guidance.
  • After taking this workshop you will have the tools to fulfill your heart's deepest desires, harness the power of manifestation, activate your vision so you can glow up, successfully plan out and accomplish your goals, access your inner power, recognize your greatness, and empower you to create your own opportunities.

The investment for the Good Vibes & Chill Vision Board Virtual Workshop is $47 if purchased by January 31st.

After January, price increases to $67. 

Not sure if this is right for you? Reach out to me at info@allthingsada.com


Someone needs to force you to sit down and purposely plan your future. That person is, me, Ada. 

I am the digital BFF you've always wanted helping you glow up and manifest your best life. As a digital content creator since 2009, I have been able to turn my passion project, AllThingsAda.com, into my full-time job working with notable lifestyle brands targeting the multicultural audience.

In 2016, I struggled to complete my vision board, because I had no sense of direction in my life and did not have faith things will get better. I was in a rut struggling to pay my bills, achieve success with my business, and general just live my best life. That all changed when I started using this system to set my goals and intentions for the new year. Everything changed for me in 2017. I landed a huge partnership with Kia Motors and traveled the country. I got my own apartment and finally created a business that allowed me to be completely independent.  I met the mentor I'd been dreaming about for years. I got the puppy I've always wanted to keep me company while I work from home. I traveled throughout Europe for 17 days with my college best friends!

Upgrade your life and set yourself up for the ultimate glow up. 

This is a good fit for those of you who are:

  • Self-motivated (at least a little),
  • Looking to better yourself in all aspects of your life (career, relationships, community, family, spiritual)
  • Willing to actively work on yourself in the new year
  • Ready to take action towards a better future

You might want to skip this and save your coins if you are someone who:

  • Isn't willing to take a few hours out of their day to put together a vision board
  • Is complacent and a tad bit lazy. Self-motivation isn’t really your thing.
  • Will not have faith in manifesting all the things you want


I can already feel the MAGIC happening for my new chapter in 2018 and me ending the year of 2017 with a bang! Thanks again for this magical workshop! You girls rock!”
— Ingrid


Is it possible to just buy the workbook alone? 

YES! Click here to purchase. 

I don't live in NYC or New Orleans? How can I attend your workshop?

You can take the Good Vibes & Chill virtual workshop and follow along with your workbook and the 60-minute experience video. 

Can I get a reading from Vida in the virtual workshop?

YES! There is a VIP option where you can purchase the workshop along with a private (1) hour reading from Vida. You will receive your workbook, and a special link for our workshop webinar where you can ask us questions LIVE. Before you purchase, please keep in mind that due to Vida's schedule she only has bookings available into the 3rd and 4th week of March and onward which means that your reading will not happen right away. If you are still interested, you can purchase the VIP package and email Vida to schedule your reading with her based on her availability in March. 

Will you be doing more in person workshops in 2018? 

Yes! So far we are planning two more in NYC in February and we will be in New Orleans on April 21st. Sign up to our waitlist below for details. 

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